Twitter users complain about too many promotional tweets

Twitter users complain about too many promotional tweets

A number of users complained Location Twitter said sponsored tweets or promotional tweets appeared frequently in their timeline, however, Twitter confirmed that this was not due to something wrong.

The funded Tweets will usually appear – which is a regular Tweet Its publishers pay Twitter to promote it widely Only once at the top of a user’s timeline, but those Tweets are now showing up with an increasing frequency. Some users reported seeing her between every four to six tweets. Even some users They complained From seeing the same promotional tweet more than once.

This was initially thought to indicate a problem with the Twitter ads system, as the company generally aims for promotional tweets to be targeted and relevant to the end user, without being an overly frequent part of users’ timelines.

And as Shows Twitter for Business: “We study how promotional tweets are displayed, and we have reservations about the number of promotional tweets that people see in a single day.” This is clearly not the case when promotional tweets appear between every few tweets, and they are often repeated.

Twitter says: The change is not a malfunction, but rather intentional. A company spokesperson said, “We regularly test and publish changes to our advertising experience.” “We are constantly innovating and testing, and we will continue to adapt to our experience,” he added.

Twitter has yet to publicly address the issue through the support account TwitterSupportOr other entities that communicate with the public, such as: accounts twitter , Or TwitterComms, Or TwitterMktg Even with user complaints.

However, complaints were posted from users both in the United States, and abroad and on the two timelines: (Home) and (Recent Tweets).

Due to a lack of updates and information, some Twitter users are dealing with the flow of promotional tweets by muting or blocking the advertiser’s account. This can have lasting consequences, as advertisers will not be able to reach these users again if banned.

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