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Twitter strengthens its presence in the field of songs and music

Announced platform Twitter announced a very long list of live and on-demand video content deals at the NewFronts digital content event.

And one of the more prominent partnership projects is giving rise to Billboard chart One of the types that social media supports.

Billboard Hot Trending, powered by Twitter, shows trending songs and music across the platform and contains video and editorial content.

And given that users can create a buzz around any song, the list may contain new tracks and classics released decades ago.

The chart is updated every 24 hours to keep up with the mainstream conversations across Twitter and to give users a reason to keep checking it.

The company says companies can link to the chart through the innovative ad formats found across Twitter and Billboard.

Advertisers can align with the hottest trends in music and the most popular topics, and this graph can help advertisers get involved.

Twitter also revealed its collaboration with Genius to expand the Verified audience, as the verified Genius account allows artists, writers, producers, and creators in general to share their creative processes with the most interactive fan community in music.

Meanwhile, its partnership with Refinery29 brings content to black and Latina women, and the Tastemade network is also launching two new food franchises via Twitter, one of which puts culinary professionals on order via the platform.

And when it comes to sports and gaming-related content, Twitter has expanded its current relationship with MLB to include a two-year deal to produce live content about important events.

Twitter is also showing original NBC programs via the platform directly from Tokyo to cover the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, the company has signed deals with the NHL, WNBA, Riot Games and NBCUniversal News.

All of these partnerships aim to give the platform’s video content a boost as it takes steps to go beyond just tweets and change how people use the website.

Twitter is home to the most vibrant and diverse communities, the place where fans thrive, the premium content we collaborate on with our partners ignites the passion, and allows marketers to benefit by being part of what’s happening, the company said.

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