Twitter stops working due to an unintended change in its systems

Twitter stops working due to an unintended change in its systems

Stop Location Twitter on the web has been out of business for a relatively long time on Thursday, as users who tried to visit the site showed an error message.

The message on the website showed that Twitter was investigating a problem with its API. The Twitter mobile app suffered from a problem that prevented it from working properly.

And at exactly 2 am Mecca time, the service began to partially work for some users, after it had stopped working for more than an hour.

Twitter posted Tweet In it he said: “The last problem resulted from an unintended change we made to our internal systems.” “Twitter is supposed to work for everyone within the next few hours,” he added.

The service interruption comes one day after Twitter and its rival Facebook made an unprecedented editorial decision to limit access to the New York Post newspaper that claims to show private emails related to the Democratic presidential candidate (Joe Biden) and his son (Hunter Biden).

Earlier this year, the site suffered a major outage in service when the accounts of some celebrities were breached, as part of a major fraud to steal the cryptocurrency Bitcoin last July.

A report released on Wednesday stated that Twitter had suffered from a cybersecurity deficit; This led to a “minor” hack last July, attributed to a Florida teenager, in which the young man seized the accounts of many of the world’s most famous personalities.

New York Governor (Andrew Cuomo) ordered an investigation following the hacking of celebrity accounts on Twitter on July 15, in an alleged fraud in which more than $ 118,000 in cryptocurrency was stolen.

Among those whose accounts have been hacked are: the current US presidential candidate (Joe Biden), the former US president (Barack Obama), the three rich: (Jeff Bezos), (Bill Gates), (Elon Musk), singer (Kanye West), and his wife. Reality TV Star (Kim Kardashian).

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