Twitter shuts down its Periscope live streaming app by March

Twitter shuts down its Periscope live streaming app by March

Announced a company Twitter says it will close its Periscope live streaming app by March 2021, but it continues In providing live video broadcasts through the Twitter Live feature built into its main app.

The company clarified in a blog that the app is in an unsustainable state of maintenance, and has been for a while, and leaving it in its current state would not be appropriate for the current and former Periscope community.

“Over the past two years we’ve seen a drop in usage and we know that the cost of app support will continue to rise over time,” she said.

The company prohibits the registration of any new account within the application starting with the next version, although Twitter will not completely close the application until March.

Broadcasts shared on Twitter are still there to watch. Users have the opportunity to download the archive of videos and data before closing the app next year.

The Periscope website remains active as an archive for viewable public broadcasts only.

This allows us to relax our requirements for users who want to apply to become Super Broadcasters, the company said, which is the company’s term to describe specific users who are given the opportunity to withdraw money that their followers have given them. They will have until April 30, 2021 to withdraw the funds.

Twitter acquired Periscope before its official launch in 2015, as part of its efforts to enter the video field, specifically live video.

The move came in conjunction with Twitter’s transformation into a platform for media companies, citizen journalists, and people who want to spread the word widely about what they are thinking or doing.

Twitter was looking at the time to halt the explosive growth of Meerkat, while Periscope took a different path as a part of Twitter since his early life.

The central feature of Periscope became that it became a native part of the Twitter Live app, and Twitter promoted Twitter Live content, not Periscope content.

According to Twitter, the company has transferred most of the core capabilities of the Periscope app to Twitter Live, allowing it to focus better on developing its live broadcast functionality in the future.

We are very grateful to all who invested time and energy in making Periscope a place to showcase what is happening in your world and create vibrant communities, we learned a lot, shared wonderful experiences together, witnessed unforgettable moments in history, and witnessed places of the world that we could only imagine when We launched the app for the first time.

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