Twitter places a warning flag on Trump’s tweet about mail voting

Twitter places a warning flag on Trump’s tweet about mail voting

put Location Twitter today is a warning sign on Tweet To the US President (Donald Trump), saying: His post contains information that may be misleading about the mail voting process.

Trump said in his tweet: “Because of the new and unprecedented amount of unwanted ballot papers that will be sent to voters, or anywhere, this year, the outcome of the November 3 election may not be determined precisely, which is what some want. Another election disaster happened yesterday. Stop the polling frenzy! ”

In recent months, the President attacked without providing evidence of the voting process, saying: It could lead to widespread fraud, even though millions of Americans, including many of the military, cast their absentee votes in the mail for years without such problems.

This process is seen as a way to reduce exposure to the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19), although the system that does so will differ from country to country.

The Twitter warning sign redirected users to an organization’s page stating that “voting by mail is legal and safe, experts confirm and data”, and it contains more information about voting by mail.

The social network has previously placed a warning sign in the tweets that the president posted and shared, including: adding fact-checking notices to his tweets.

Twitter faced intense scrutiny by the Trump administration last May, when it prompted readers for the first time to verify facts in Trump’s tweets about unfounded allegations of mail fraud.

Twitter also said in a tweet today, Thursday: The platform has reduced impressions on tweets related to QAnon by more than 50 percent through its “work to deconstruct content and accounts” related to the conspiracy theory. In July, the social media company said it would stop recommending the content and accounts of QAnon in a campaign expected to affect about 150,000 accounts.

Twitter explained in its Thursday post how groups and content are evaluating coordinated malicious activity, saying: You must find evidence that individuals associated with a group or campaign are engaging in some kind of coordination that may harm others.

The company said: This coordination can be technical, such as: an individual managing multiple accounts to tweet the same message, or socially, such as: using a messaging application to organize multiple people to tweet at the same time.

Twitter said: It will prohibit all forms of technical coordination, but for social coordination to violate its rules, there must be evidence of physical or psychological harm, or “information” damage resulting from false or misleading content.

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