Twitter now supports iPhone and Android security keys

Twitter now supports iPhone and Android security keys

She said platform Twitter: Accounts protected with physical security keys can now log in from an iPhone or Android device.

Twitter introduced support for physical security keys in 2018, allowing users to add a physical security barrier to their accounts instead of other two-factor authentication options, such as: a text message or a code generated from an app.

Physical security keys are small enough to fit into a keyring, and they make certain types of account breaches nearly impossible by requiring the user to plug in the key upon login.

This means that hackers cannot easily break into your account, even if they have a username and password.

But technical limitations meant that accounts protected with physical security keys could only log in from a computer, not a mobile device.

Twitter partially solved this problem by switching to WebAuthn last year, paving the way to bring physical key support for more devices and browsers.

Now anyone with a physical security key linked to their Twitter account can use the same key to log in from their mobile devices, as long as the key is supported.

Today there are many security keys operating across different devices, such as: YubiKeys and Google Titan, and Yubico introduces Twitter users on this occasion. Discount $ 10 on YubiKeys.

Twitter has long recommended that high-profile accounts such as journalists, politicians, and government officials use physical security keys to prevent some complex attacks.

Twitter earlier this year provided physical security keys to its employees to prevent a repeat of the July cyber attack that saw hackers penetrate the company’s internal network and abuse an administrative tool, which hackers then used to hijack prominent accounts in order to spread a cryptocurrency fraud.

In the wake of the attack, Twitter appointed Rinki Sethi as the head of information security, and the famous hacker (Peter Zatko) Peiter Zatko, known as Mudge, as the company’s chief security.

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