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Twitter is working on a complete overhaul of TweetDeck

Confirmed a company Twitter it is working on a comprehensive overhaul For a platform TweetDeck, which allows you to arrange lists and feeds in easy-to-read vertical rows, after 10 years without the platform receiving any significant updates.

TweetDeck is an alternative, proprietary Twitter platform for the social network that offers a number of different features, such as accessing multiple timesheets in columns and scheduling Tweets.

We are working on a comprehensive overhaul of TweetDeck, product manager Kayvon Beykpour said, and plans to share more about the project publicly later this year.

As one of the platform’s oldest third-party account management apps, TweetDeck hasn’t seen much in terms of design or major feature changes in years.

It launched 12 years ago, acquired by Twitter in 2011, and is still more or less the vertical grid viewer for various Twitter feeds as it started.

Twitter has taken the new added functionality to its flagship website and mobile app while keeping the basic TweetDeck design relatively constant.

And that seems to be about to change, as Bicpour and the product team realize they haven’t given TweetDeck much attention, and they are actively working on a new overhaul that they plan to roll out later this year.

It comes as part of a broader push to improve Twitter’s developer tools and mend its relationship with app makers, as Twitter suffers from a long-standing rift with the broader software development community.

“I think we have a lot of confidence to gain it back with the developers, given that we’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, but it’s something that we’re actively investing in, and hopefully we allow developers to build cool things around the Twitter ecosystem,” Bikpour said.

Twitter’s chief product officer did not provide details about the exact changes the team is working on, but Peakpour suggested rebuilding the platform from the ground up.

He said: We have been working on a very large, comprehensive overhaul from the ground up, which is something we are happy to share publicly sometime this year, and this is just an example of a service Twitter owns and manages and we continue to invest in.

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