You are currently viewing Twitter is testing watching YouTube clips directly from the tweet

Twitter is testing watching YouTube clips directly from the tweet

Shortly after Twitter announced that it began testing a better way to display images through its app, it is now doing the same for watching YouTube clips.

According to To tweet New via the Twitter support account, the platform said: It is starting to test a way to watch YouTube videos directly from the timeline inside the Twitter iOS app.

This means that you will be able to click and play a video without having to leave the conversation you are currently watching.

Prior to this change, YouTube videos weren’t showing a preview on iOS, so you had to click on the link to start watching.

This takes you out of the conversation to another screen where you can play the video or, if you prefer, click again to open the YouTube iOS app.

Now you can scroll and watch videos without losing your place on Twitter’s timeline.

Twitter says it uses the YouTube iFrame player API To take this test, which is initially rolled out across iOS in the US, Japan, Canada, and Saudi Arabia, before being released globally.

The platform did not provide a timeframe for when this would be available to all Twitter users.

The company announced earlier this month that it is working to improve the media viewing experience through its app, including sharing and viewing media, such as photos and videos.

With the launch of the image preview test on iOS and Android last week, Twitter is now giving users a more accurate preview of what images look like, after it was previously cropping images automatically, and the main parts of the image often disappear.

Twitter also recently announced the ability for users to upload 4K images via Android and iOS, and it can be accessed through a new feature in the data usage settings in the Twitter app.

Besides, the social network is also working on its competing feature for the Clubhouse app called Spaces, which allows you to voice chat with other people in real time, and earlier this month, it allowed Android users to try this new feature.

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