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Twitter is testing the undo option after sending the tweets

has evolved a company Twitter’s new undo feature that can provide users a short period of time to rethink posting a Tweet even after they’ve clicked the send button.

The company confirmed that it is testing the option to decline, which may allow users to withdraw or correct the tweet before it is officially published on the platform.

This feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, an app developer who has a proven track record of unveiling new social media tools prior to their release.

Wong was published GIF image Through her official account within the Twitter platform, the blue retraction bar appears below the phrase “Your Tweet has been sent”, The feature may change before it is officially released.

Although the feature is not equivalent to the edit button that users have requested, it is a step towards helping users proactively spot errors and slow down the speed before sending tweets.

This feature is similar to the current Gmail recall tool, which allows users up to 30 seconds to stop sending messages after clicking the Send button.

Last year, Twitter told investors that it was considering a subscription service while evaluating exclusive options for paying users, including the undo posting feature that gives you about five seconds to withdraw a sent Tweet.

At the time, the company said: It asked users in a survey to rate which options were most important or least important to them.

Earlier this week, the Twitter account for investor relations wanted users to say: Over the course of this year, you see us try out subscription products in public places, hear more about them, and we hope you see some of these products launched as well.

Twitter is exploring paid subscriptions as a way to reduce its dependence on ad revenue in response to competition from Facebook and Snapchat.

Twitter said last month that it was exploring other subscription opportunities, such as a way for users to become paid subscribers to the Twitter accounts they would like to receive additional content from, such as: exclusive ads and newsletters.

The company has also set an ambitious target to double its annual revenue by the end of 2023.

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