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Twitter is testing the feature to undo a tweet .. but it is not for everyone

Evidence is mounting that platform Twitter is moving to add the feature to undo a tweet, which is a short period of time to rethink posting a tweet even after clicking the send button, but those who want to have to pay.

And theI discovered (Jin Manchun Wong) An app developer with a proven track record of unveiling new social media tools prior to their release, Jane Manchun Wong, a subscription screen associated with this feature.

The feature to undo the tweet allows for the withdrawal or correction of the tweet before it is officially published on the platform.

Although the feature is not equivalent to the edit button that users have requested, it is a step towards helping users proactively spot errors and slow down the speed before sending tweets.

The ability to retrieve Tweets also featured in a survey asking Twitter users what features they would like to pay for, as well as in the app’s code.

CNET has received confirmation from Twitter that it is testing this feature, but it is not known when it might become widely available.

For its part, Twitter did not clarify whether the feature might be limited to paying customers, due to the fact that it is still in the development stage and is still far away until this decision is made now.

Also, it should be noted that the design of the button suggests that it works similarly to the undo button in Gmail, where the site waits a few seconds before actually sending the message.

This feature is just one of the paid tools Twitter is considering as part of a potential subscription plan.

Aside from the easy-to-use undo button, some other potential options include custom badges or colors to beautify your account, or tools that benefit content creators, such as Super Follows that allow Twitter users to make followers pay for access to exclusive content.

Last year, Twitter told investors that it was considering a subscription service while evaluating exclusive options for paying users, including the undo posting feature that gives you about five seconds to withdraw a sent Tweet.

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