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Twitter is testing professional accounts for companies

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Started platform Twitter is testing the redesigned professional accounts for businesses and companies, so that the account allows owners to display more information that potential customers can see.

These accounts provide a new way for brands to present themselves across the platform, with custom tools and features specifically tailored to the account type and use.

Creating a separate business account, as Facebook and Instagram have done, can facilitate a host of new opportunities for Twitter in terms of business promotion and new opportunities for brands.

Twitter could reduce the reach of commercial account tweets in order to encourage investment in ads, which could help increase ad spend to increase promotions, while also enhancing interactions between individuals.

And theAdvertise The Twitter Business account is about launching professional accounts and posting a picture showing what it looks like. The account still displays the owner’s website and the number of followers, but now also features an “About” section that is somewhat similar to Facebook.

The social network moved the business address information into the “About” section, which also contains a map and business hours.

At the bottom, potential customers can click a button to get directions to the property’s website and another button to contact the owners directly via Twitter.

The company says: Professional accounts allow What is new for companies, nonprofits, publishers, creatives, and anyone else who uses Twitter to work by displaying specific information they want customers to see.

This could help make it easier for local businesses to find to visit, and thus help smaller stores regain businesses they may have lost during the pandemic.

And theHe said (Kevon Bikpour) Kayvon Beykpour, Social Network Product Leader: This is just the beginning, and Twitter will likely allow business owners to add other types of information in the future.

Twitter has begun testing professional accounts with a small group of business owners in the United States, but is rolling out access to this feature for more accounts in the coming months.

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