Twitter is facing problems in its implementation due to the turnout of temporary tweets

Twitter is facing problems in its implementation due to the turnout of temporary tweets

Launched a company Twitter, on Wednesday, has a feature (temporary tweets) for users around the world, but its popularity has led to problems that many users have complained about.

Temporary Tweets – which Twitter calls Fleets, mean the ephemeral thing – appear at the top of the Twitter app, allowing users to post tweets that disappear after 24 hours of posting them, as well as see temporary tweets posted by other users.

But it appears that user demand, and their curiosity about the new addition, is affecting the performance of the feature, so many Twitter users have reported that Fleets is lagging and running slowly. Some say: Turning the feature on led to the Twitter app itself being stopped working.

Twitter acknowledged to TechCrunch, a technical website, that it was aware of the problem affecting some users, and said: It is working to solve the problem.

If you are among those affected, you will notice that when you click or swipe to scroll through temporary tweets, the screen will freeze temporarily or move very slowly. This may make your phone appear to be experiencing problems, but the problem is only with the Twitter app.

It is believed that the popularity of the temporary Tweet feature may be an early indication of its success.

For its part, Twitter said at Tweet: “We are working to slow the release of temporary Tweets to fix some performance and stability issues. If you don’t have the feature yet, you might not get it for a few more days. ” She added, “We love that Uses A lot of people have temporary tweets, and we want to make sure we provide the best experience for everyone. ”

On Tuesday, Twitter announced the official launch of the temporary tweets feature that disappear after a specified period of time, in an attempt to compete with the stories that are common in most messaging and other social networking applications.

The US tech giant began testing its new feature last March. Twitter said on Tuesday at Published On her blog: “Twitter is meant to be a service for public conversation. It is where you go to see what’s happening and talk about it. But some of you tell us that Twitter is uncomfortable; Because it appears public and permanent, and there is a lot of pressure to collect Retweets, likes. ” She added, “This is why; Unfortunately, there are a lot of Tweets that remain in the drafts!

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