Twitter is blocking the Trump campaign account from Twitter

Twitter is blocking the Trump campaign account from Twitter

block Location Twitter today, Thursday, temporarily removed the US President Donald Trump’s campaign account from Twitter, saying: A video clip from the account about the son of the Democratic presidential candidate (Joe Biden) violates his rules.

The video posted by an account indicated [email protected] To the news published in the (New York Post) newspaper on Wednesday, which included alleged details of (Hunter Biden) business dealings with a Ukrainian energy company, and said: The former vice president met with the company’s advisor.

The Trump campaign account added a caption to the video: “Joe Biden is a liar who has plundered our country for years.”

Twitter said: The video violates its rules for preventing the publication of private information, adding that the account may need to delete the post in order to continue Twitter.

For his part, Trump said when asked what he did on Twitter: “The whole thing will end in a big lawsuit, and there are things that can happen and be very severe and I do not want them to happen, but they are likely to happen.”

On Wednesday, Twitter said: The (New York Post) news violated the “hacked material” policy, which prohibits the distribution of content obtained through piracy that contains private information or trade secrets, or exposes people to the risk of physical harm.

It is noteworthy that on Wednesday, Facebook and Twitter had taken proactive steps to restrict the publication of the (New York Post) news in the hours following its publication.

Twitter had imposed similar restrictions on the account of the White House press secretary (Kylie McNani) on Wednesday, after she shared the news (of the New York Post).

And on a separate noteTwitter confirmed that it would start removing posts denying the so-called “Holocaust” or “Holocaust”, just two days after Facebook implemented the same policy.

“We strongly condemn anti-Semitism, and hateful behavior has absolutely no place in our service,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday. “We also have a strong policy on ‘glorifying violence’ and we are taking action against content that glorifies or praises acts of violence and historic genocide, including: the Holocaust,” he added.

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