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Twitter is adding an option to schedule audio rooms

Communication platform Twitter developed its own Spaces Live Social Voice room tool with addition Scheduling option, allowing broadcasters to plan about upcoming events.

And when you go to the audio room settings, you see a new option to schedule for later.

You can then share your next session details via Tweet, Direct Message, or any other medium, where you will get a unique URL for your scheduled voice room.

As Twitter notes, hosts get two reminders of the scheduled event – one 30 minutes before the broadcast time, and one when the scheduled broadcast time starts.

Users can also register for reminders of upcoming scheduled audio rooms by clicking on the “Set reminder” option, and then get a reminder as soon as the host starts broadcasting.

This option is a useful addition to Spaces, although discoverability remains the biggest problem with the Spaces experience, and it is also an issue with the Clubhouse.

In the event that Twitter wants to increase the capabilities of social voice rooms, it needs to ensure that users are able to find the voice rooms that will be of great interest to them.

The importance of this is that as more people start streaming, the quality degrades very quickly, which may cause users to turn off this option.

And scheduled voice rooms help with this, as Twitter recently added another discovery option, with purple loops around the user’s account bubbles in the feed, indicating that this person is in a room or has shared a new Fleet.

These new features help improve detection in small ways. But Facebook’s approach to adding voice rooms within groups, and recommending them to members, could be a more effective way to use audio rooms in the long term.

On a related note, Twitter continues to intensify its focus on monetization by adding a new option that allows users to create paid Spaces events, providing another way to generate revenue from your efforts through the platform.

Twitter is preparing to launch a feature Tickets Spaces, and accordingly, By showing you what users can expect when they host their first paid dialogue space.

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