Twitter employees fear retaliation from Trump supporters

Twitter employees fear retaliation from Trump supporters

Twitter employees fear retaliation from Trump supporters Reported The New York Times that some employees Platform They transferred their accounts to private accounts and removed their online resumes due to concerns that supporters of President Trump could target them.

In addition, some Twitter executives are getting bodyguards as the company takes into account its decision to block one of its loudest voices.

Twitter said in its statement: Trump’s realDonaldTrump account was permanently suspended from Twitter on January 8th due to the risk of further incitement to violence.

The president told his supporters at a rally prior to the attack on the Capitol building on January 6: They should show strength and fight with greater intensity, and encouraged them to walk to the Capitol.

Trump tweeted that Vice President (Mike Pence) didn’t have the guts to do what had to be done, and then – while the attack was still going on – he tweeted to his supporters.

Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for a second time on January 13 for incitement to revolt.

And theAccording to the New York Times, Twitter CEO (Jack Dorsey) Jack Dorsey, who worked remotely from a private island on the day the riots took place, was not entirely convinced that a temporary ban on the president that day was the right decision.

Twitter executives told Dorsey that the response to Trump’s tweets the day after the riots indicated a high potential for more violence in the real world, ultimately leading to permanent suspension.

And more than 300 Twitter employees signed an internal petition calling for the permanent suspension of Trump, according to the New York TimesAt that point, the company had decided to ban the president.

After Twitter announced the ban, Snapchat issued a permanent ban of its own, and Twitch and Facebook imposed an indefinite ban on President Trump’s accounts.

“The risks of letting the president continue to use our services are very high,” Facebook said in a statement explaining its decision.

In addition, Shopify has removed the Trump campaign store, which is the main source of sales for Make America Great Again hats and other merchandise.

“ Blocking Trump’s account was the right choice, ” Dorsey said in a tweet, writing: “ Offline damage from online speech is clearly real, which drives our policy above all else.

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