Twitter decides to end testing the threaded response feature

Twitter decides to end testing the threaded response feature

Testing Location Twitter has long since had a threaded response feature that aims to make responses easier to read and follow, but said on Thursday: It has finished testing the feature based on the response it got from users.

Twitter said at Tweet Posted on Thursday: “We asked and you answered that this form of response is not appropriate, because it makes it difficult to read and join the conversations.” He added, “So we stopped this coordination to work on other ways to improve conversations on Twitter.”

And in Next TweetThe site said: The interconnected responses made it difficult for users to read the conversations and join them, and that users wanted to know precisely who they were speaking to.

In addition to announcing the end of the threaded response feature test, the site announced the termination of its experimental application called twttr, which was designed to test many features, including the threaded responses feature.

The site said in Another tweet“We have decided to terminate the twttr app now so that we can work on new tests that improve the conversation experience on Twitter. And he said A spokesperson for Twitter to The Verge: Current twttr users will not be able to use the application at the present time, but Twitter is looking at possible next steps for the application, in light of developing future plans to test new products.

Twitter first talked about testing the threaded response feature in August 2018, then began testing it with twttr in March 2019, then added it to the (iOS) app last January, then modified How to view the linked tweets of some IOS and web users in May. But many Twitter users seem to have missed the new feature.

With regard to the features that the site is considering adding, Twitter official revealed Last November, he was studying the possibility of adding a dislike button, or the ability to passively vote for tweets that users do not like, similar to popular sites such as: (Reddit).

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