Twitter considering adding a “dislike” button

Twitter considering adding a “dislike” button

Responsible disclosure Company Twitter is studying the possibility of adding a dislike button, or the ability to passively vote for Tweets that users do not like, similar to popular sites, such as: (Reddit) Reddit.

Twitter’s Chief Product Officer (Kaifon Baikpour) said in response to a tweet from the cybersecurity expert (Jackie Snig) For the campaign of the winning US President (Joe Biden); She suggested “Add a dislike button, or the possibility of negative voting”: This is what the company is studying at the moment.

Although Twitter always says: It is considering adding new features, these features may not see the light. But for a company official to reveal a study to add a long-awaited feature may mean that the company may actually launch it in light of the controversy prevailing on the platform, especially during the most important event, such as: the US presidential election.

In her tweet – which commented on Twitter’s launch of the (temporary tweets) feature called Fleets – Singh insisted that Twitter prioritize what it does on addressing issues such as: coordinated false behavior, “harassment” and “disinformation”.

Baikpour did not disclose any additional information about the (dislike) feature, or the ability to (negatively vote).

On Tuesday, Twitter announced the official launch of the (temporary tweets) feature that disappears after a specific period of time, in an attempt to compete with the stories that have spread in most messaging and other social networking applications.

The US tech giant began testing its new feature called Fleets – meaning the fleeting thing – last March, and today it announced that it will be available to all users.

Twitter said today, Tuesday at Published On her blog: “Twitter is meant to be a service for public conversation. It is where you go to see what’s happening and talk about it. But some of you tell us that Twitter is uncomfortable because it appears public and permanent, and that there is great pressure to collect retweet, likes. She added, “This is why; Unfortunately, there are a lot of Tweets that remain in the drafts!

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