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Twitter buys Scroll to run its next subscription service

Plans started platform Twitter-related subscription service is slowly emerging, where Announced About the acquisition of Scroll, a startup partnering with publishers to allow readers to view content without ads in exchange for a $ 5 monthly subscription.

Twitter is creating a new type of subscription plan that includes Scroll and the newly acquired Revue newsletter service, along with other Twitter services.

In a blog post announcing the deal, Scroll’s CEO said: One of the reasons for selling his company is that Twitter’s ambitions are greater than people think.

The Scroll service uses third-party cookies or browser extensions to tell websites not to show you ads.

The Service is not an ad blocking tool, rather it sends a portion of your subscription fee to the participating websites that you visit instead.

After Twitter acquired it, the service will not accept new subscriptions anymore, although nothing is expected to change in the short term for existing customers.

Scroll has a service called Nuzzel that sends daily emails of the most important news people share in their Twitter feed.

Twitter says it is bringing the basic elements of the Nuzzel service directly to Twitter over time, with the service to close on May 6th.

It is difficult to determine what the social media platform intends to do with Scroll, but it has been known to build a subscription service that bundles a range of services.

The platform hinted by announcing the acquisition that Scroll could be directly integrated into a more comprehensive subscription, which partly sends small sums of money to the newsletter book via Revue.

Scroll says its users send more money to news sites with their subscriptions than ad views.

The social platform is looking to capitalize on its central place in the lives of many online journalists and news followers.

Twitter said: We want to reimagine what is out there in order to provide a seamless reading experience for our audiences and allow publishers to provide better content that can generate more money for them than current business models.

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