Twitter begins testing Spaces

Twitter begins testing Spaces

seem Site Twitter is testing its Spaces, which are voice chat rooms that were first announced last month.

And in Thread For announcing the feature tester, Twitter said: A very small group of users will be given the ability to create (spaces), but in theory anyone can join those (spaces), however, who will be allowed to enter any (space) The particular one depends on the user who created it.

The site had announced earlier that it would soon begin testing the feature that allows Twitter users to gather in private spaces to have direct conversations with another person, or with groups of people.

Twitter explained at the time how the first people to be granted access to (the spaces) would be women and people from other marginalized communities, and groups that are most likely to experience abuse and harassment when trying to engage in regular conversations, comment-based discussions. Platform.

Supervision appears to be a big focus of the (Spaces) feature, as creators can control who can or cannot speak in (Space), and there are reporting and blocking features included in the first version. Other features being tested include emoji-based reactions, the ability to share tweets in (space), and a very early version of live audio transcription.

Currently, joining spaces appears to only work from the Twitter mobile app. Attempting to join from the web brings the user to the error message: “Page not found”. Oddly, joining the spaces requires activating the integration with the live broadcasting service (Periscope), which Twitter recently announced it will shut down.

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