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Twitter bans people posting the word Memphis

Discover users platform Twitter that just tweeting the word Memphis – a city in Tennessee – was enough to automatically shut them down for 12 hours, and a condition to delete the tweet.

According to the supervisory messages, doing so violated Twitter’s rules on posting personal information, knowing that the city of Memphis is home to more than 600,000 people.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the ban was a mistake, and the company said at statementEarlier, there was a system problem affecting Memphis tweet accounts.

She added: The problem mistakenly requested that the account holders delete those tweets while temporarily limiting the account’s features, and the affected accounts have now been restored to their previous status and this problem has been resolved.

During that period, news of the ban spread on social media through hints, andReferences to the word M were popular, as users reacted to the question of what was wrong with Memphis before receiving the ban right away.

Twitter did not explain why Memphis was banned, but some users speculated that it was an attempt to prevent the sharing of personal information of a specific user that had been incorrectly entered.

The company has a history of imposing oversight by mistake a little further than intended, and (Jack Dorsey) himself, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, is known to have block From the site temporarily in 2016, due to an internal error.

And in 2018, I apologise Dorsey reported unfairly liquidating 600,000 accounts from search results, and applying something called ShadowBan – or blocking a user without their knowledge by making their posts and comments invisible to other users – to users, including members of Congress, based on the behavior of the accounts they were following. .

Dorsey said at the time: We decided it wasn’t fair, and it was corrected.

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