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Twitter announces Super Follows to charge tweets

Announced platform Twitter announced the upcoming payment feature called Super Follows, which allows users of the platform to charge followers and grant them access to additional content.

Additional content may include additional Tweets, reaching a community group, subscribing to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support.

And in a mockup screenshot, Twitter showed an example of Super Follows, where a user charges $ 4.99 a month for a series of perks.

Twitter sees the feature as a way to allow creators and publishers to get money directly from their fans.

Direct payment tools have become increasingly important to content makers in recent years.

Patreon has been a huge success, and other platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and even GitHub, have launched direct payment features for content creators.

It is assumed that Twitter may have imitated this, as the company was hinting at the features of the subscriptions that would provide it with a new source of revenue, although it did not seem to have mentioned what the fees would be.

Twitter also announced a new feature called Communities, which appears to somewhat mimic Facebook groups.

People can create and join groups around specific interests, such as cats or plants, Twitter suggests, allowing them to see more tweets focused on those topics.

The groups were hugely successful on Facebook and being a big problem for oversight as well.

Groups can be an especially useful tool on Twitter, given the open nature of the service which can make it difficult for new users to start using the platform.

There is no timeline yet for when either of these features will be launched, as Twitter included them in the “What’s Next” category for its platform during a presentation to analysts and investors.

The ability of users to charge followers to access additional content, along with the ability to create and join groups based on specific interests, are the most fundamental changes that have occurred on Twitter in a while, but they also fit comfortably with models that have been popular and successful on social platforms. Other.

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