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Twitter and the acquisition of the Club House app for $ 4 billion

Although the Twitter platform built and tested the tool Spaces For voice chat in an attempt to compete with the Clubhouse application, which is spreading wildfire, until Twitter discussed the idea of ​​the direct acquisition of the Clubhouse application.

According to the agency Bloomberg, Twitter held direct discussions with Clubhouse to acquire the social voice application for $ 4 billion, but these talks stopped Without any apparent reason.

It is also unclear whether Twitter or Clubhouse took the initiative first, but this gives us an impression of the weak competition that Twitter brought through the Spaces feature.

Andmentioned Bloomberg says Clubhouse is now looking to raise a $ 4 billion investment, and that number is likely out of the Twitter discussions.

Clubhouse launched last year and popularized the idea of ​​hosting live voice chats, and celebrities, tech executives and private individuals have hosted audio rooms since then.

Reportedly, more than 10 million people have downloaded the app, which is currently available by invitation only via iOS.

The app also faces a lot of competition, from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, Slack, and others.

The amount of pressure and competition comes from the fact that these platforms have user bases estimated at millions of people who have already used these platforms for years, in addition to the fully available web, iOS and Android applications.

Clubhouse is still trying to innovate quickly with hiring an engineer to design its application for the Android operating system, and this week it launched the in-app tip feature as a way for creators to earn money, and the app says: It will not take part of that revenue.

For its part, Twitter launched Spaces across iOS and Android, and the company also plans to launch a web version and unlock hosting capabilities for all users this month.

Twitter’s desire to acquire a Clubhouse is not entirely logical, unless it simply wants to eliminate competition and gain a dedicated user base and a buzzword.

Either way, Clubhouse and Twitter now continue to confront each other in a journey to control the largest possible share of the increasingly interesting voice chat users.

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