Twitch Service temporarily bans Trump over his ‘obnoxious behavior’

Twitch Service temporarily bans Trump over his ‘obnoxious behavior’

Game streaming service banned (TwitchTwitch temporary account of US President Donald’s Trump), In the latest surprise and suspension of a high-level service belonging to the company Amazon.

The service said: The Trump account was blocked due to the “hateful behavior” that was broadcast during the broadcast, and added that the offending content had been removed.

It is noteworthy that Twitch meant by hateful behavior what was included in one of the clips broadcast on Trump’s account, in which the president appeared saying: that Mexico is sending rapists to the United States. The service also said: It flagged comments in the broadcast of the recent Trump march in Tulsa.

A Twitch spokesman told the website The Verge: “Like everyone else, politicians at Twitch should adhere to Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.” He added, “We do not exclude political or news content, and we will take action on the content that we report, which violates our rules.”

It is noteworthy that the suspension of Trump’s account comes about a week after Twitch announced that it will take strict measures against harassment within the community after reports of aggression and harassment from broadcasters.

Twitch said last week that it would start issuing a permanent ban on broadcasters in response to the upcoming allegations. Broadcaster Dr Disrespect was the first to be permanently banned. The service declined to explain why he was banned, although there were no public allegations against him. For his part, Dr Disrespect said: He was not informed of the reason for the disappearance of his channel.

It is noteworthy that the US President’s campaign page was launched on the Twitch service last October, and then the campaign began using the channel to broadcast the rallies and campaign events.

Amazon bought Twitch in September/September 2014 for $ 1 billion, and as of May 2018, the service had more than 2.2 million monthly broadcasters, 15 million daily active users, with nearly 1 million concurrent users on average.

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