Tweetbot 6 is turning into a paid subscription service

Tweetbot 6 is turning into a paid subscription service

Tweetbot has always been one of the best apps out there platform Third-party Twitter for iPhone and Mac devices, the company has now launched The newest version Tweetbot 6 for iOS, which turns the app into a paid subscription service instead of a purchase.

Instead of paying one time to download the app, you can now download the free app with many restrictions, and you can subscribe to unlock all features for monthly or yearly payment.

The new app makes the change depending on API New Twitter introduced by the company last summer, allowing for some previously missing features in the app, such as: preview cards and polls.

Polls had not appeared in the timeline before that, and preview cards became available, which let you preview linked content without having to click on them.

This change comes with some trade-offs, including the removal of user-selected options for shortening URLs, uploading images, and uploading videos.

The free version of the app provides some basic functions, including allowing users to view Twitter.

And you should pay for more substantial features, such as: the ability to send or reply to Tweets, as well as support for multiple accounts, push notifications, and advanced filtering.

Existing users might find the update a little disappointing, given that Tweetbot 5 was previously a one-time purchase for $ 4.99.

And at $ 0.99 a month or $ 5.99 a year, the new app represents a price increase while offering only a handful of new features to make up the difference.

And a company depends Tapbots Tweetbot 5 is soon selling through the App Store, so new users will soon not have the option to purchase the older version for a one-time payment.

And theSays Developer (Paul Haddad): Apple has made this a condition for approval of the new version, Tapbots noticed that the new version of Tweetbot 6 is an early access version, and there are many new features coming.

It is possible that the new app will gain more functionality over time, which may mitigate the severity of the subscription change in price.

The company has yet to announce any plans to upgrade the Mac version of Tweetbot, which currently uses the older Twitter API, and still costs $ 9.99 upfront to use.

Including an updated Mac version of Tweetbot in that monthly or yearly subscription can help add value to the new subscription, a strategy other apps have used when moving from paid apps to ongoing subscriptions.

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