Trump is downplaying the Russian role in the cyberattack

Trump is downplaying the Russian role in the cyberattack

pointed out USA President (Donald Trump) That China may be behind the cyber attack that affected many US government agencies and companies.

This comes despite claims by Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) that Russia was likely behind the attack.

The confirmation adds further confusion to the complex situation, as cybersecurity professionals strive to learn more about the breach that appeared less than a week ago.

Reuters reported at the time, citing informed sources, that the attackers belonged to Russia.

A US official confirmed to NBC News that White House officials intend to issue a statement saying: Russia is responsible for the cyberattack, but they have been asked to cancel the statement, Two officials told NBC News: Trump’s tweets surprised the White House.

A spokesman for the National Security Council said: The National Security Council is focusing at this time on investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident and working with our interagency partners to ease the situation, and there will be an appropriate response to those actors behind this behavior.

Russia has been a sensitive subject for Trump, and an investigation led by Robert Mueller found that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 elections that led to Trump becoming president.

Trump said in 2019 that he had never worked with Russia, after the New York Times reported that the FBI had begun researching that Trump had been influenced by the Kremlin.

The share price of SolarWinds, a manufacturer of management software, fell nearly 40 percent over the past week, as it became clear how many organizations installed software updates that included the vulnerability.

Several companies have stated in recent days that they have been affected, including Microsoft, Cisco and VMware.

The Ministry of Energy confirmed that the attack reached its commercial networks, while the Ministry of Trade said Last weekend: It was hacked, and the White House National Security Council stated that it was investigating the possible breach of the Treasury.

Senator Marco Rubio, in TweetIt is increasingly clear that the KGB carried out the most dangerous cyber breach in our history.

SolarWinds said in Deposit Organizational: While security experts and other experts attributed the attack to an outside nation-state, we have not independently verified the identity of the attacker.

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