TrueCaller Caller ID & Block

TrueCaller is a tool that lets you know who’s calling you, so you can know when they’re calling you before you answer them, which means you can block their numbers, so they never call again.

In addition to the caller ID feature, which you will need to have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to use, TrueCaller includes some other special features. For example, you can use photos from Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to customize the screen that appears when your friends or other contacts call.

When you receive calls from unknown numbers, TrueCaller will tell you how many people have designated that number as spam. This helps you quickly identify whether a call is worthwhile or important – or not.

TrueCaller is a useful app for anyone who is fed up with email marketing staff or any other unwanted calls. When you install this application, you will not need to avoid any calls other than


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