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Trial version of xCloud arrives on iPhone

Xbox’s xCloud game cloud service arrives from a company Microsoft officially releases to iOS and PC tomorrow, April 20.

The service works via device browsers, allowing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to play Xbox games on iPhones, iPads and computers.

Although Microsoft keeps this beta version somewhat limited, it requires players to be invited to participate in the testing phase.

The service can be accessed via Xbox websiteXbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who have been invited to the beta will be able to play Xbox games through Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.

Over 100 games are available, and testers will be able to use a Bluetooth or USB-connected joystick or use dedicated touch controls.

And theShe stated Catherine Gluckstein, xCloud Service Director: The limited trial version is time to test and learn, and we send Continuously more invitations to players in all 22 supported countries, we are making comments, we keep improving the experience, and adding support for more devices.

She added: Our plan is to act quickly and open up to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in the coming months so that more people have the opportunity to play Xbox games in completely new ways.

It is noteworthy that it is the first time that Xbox service for cloud games is available Across iOS devices, after launching the service exclusively on Android phones and tablets last year.

Microsoft was unable to offer xCloud on iPads and iPhones during the initial launch of the service again in September due to Apple’s restrictions on cloud gaming applications.

Both Apple and Microsoft fought a public war of rhetoric for xCloud, and Apple initially insisted that Microsoft should provide the games individually for review.

Ultimately, Apple offered a compromise to allow cloud gaming apps to run across iOS devices with individually reviewed games, but Microsoft described it as a bad experience for consumers.

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