Touch ID sensor may return to iPhone in 2021

Touch ID sensor may return to iPhone in 2021

He said (Ming-Chi Kuo), a reliable analyst with Apple news, has said more than once that the company is working on developing an iPhone that integrates a fingerprint sensor. Named Touch ID is in the power button, and it intends to launch it in 2021. However, it is expected that this will be on the lower spec model of the phone, and not on the top models.

Last September, Apple introduced the fourth generation of iPad Air tablets, in which the Touch ID sensor was integrated into the power button, and the company described that at the time as an “amazing engineering achievement.” This appears to pave the way to bring Touch ID back to iPhones without taking up space on the front of the phone.

In addition, Kuo believes that Apple is working on an iPhone that has a Face ID sensor, and a fingerprint sensor under the screen, and it will be launched in 2021. This is likely to be for higher iPhone models, such as: (iPhone 13 Pro) iPhone 13 Pro, and (iPhone 13 Pro Max) iPhone 13 Pro Max.

It is believed that adding the Face ID and Touch ID sensors together on the iPhone will allow for double authentication. This may add more security, by requiring multiple means of authentication, but it is also possible that Apple allows users to authenticate through Face ID or Touch ID depending on which is faster. Two forms of authentication could allow Apple to combat shortcomings in both methods, such as wearing a mask with Face ID or gloves with Touch ID.

In addition to the Touch ID sensor, the iPhone 13 is rumored to offer a 120Hz refresh rate screen, A15 processor, and improved rear camera capabilities for ultra-wide photography.

It is possible that Apple aims to announce the iPhone 13 in the month of September 2021, to return to the traditional schedule for the launch of iPhones in the month of September, after it was forced during the current year due to production delays to postpone the announcement of iPhones. From September to last October.

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