Tool to update Defender inside Windows installation images

Tool to update Defender inside Windows installation images

Issued a company Microsoft New tool It allows system administrators to update the Microsoft Defender security package inside Windows installation images, and the tool supports the (WIM) or (VHD) file format.

The software giant developed the new tool specifically for enterprise environments in order to maintain customer protection where workstations and servers are largely maintained or installed using Windows installation images.

Windows installation images are reused for months at a time, and the default Microsoft Defender antivirus package usually ends up using an old database.

The newly installed Windows operating systems update the package (Microsoft Defender), but Microsoft says: This causes a gap in protection in which the systems can be easily attacked and infected.

Microsoft’s new tool aims to allow system administrators to update their WIM or VHD installation images to include the latest version of Microsoft Defender before publishing them on their devices.

The new tool was provided for my architecture 32 bits And the 64 bits Supports installation images for Windows 10 – (Windows 10 Enterprise), (Windows 10 Pro), (Windows 10 Home), (Windows Server 2019) and (Windows Server 2016).

Microsoft said: Support for the two previous versions is reduced to technical support only after the release of a new package, and older versions will not be supported.

This package – about 110MB in size – updates the anti-malware software, anti-malware engine, and signature versions of the OS installation images to the following versions:

  • Platform version: 4.18.2008.9
  • Engine Version: 1.1.17400.5
  • Signature version: 1.323.2216.0

This package includes monthly updates and fixes for the Microsoft Defender anti-malware platform and engine used by Microsoft Defender Antivirus in Windows 10, and it also includes the latest update of security information available until the date of release.

In order to run this patch tool, you need Windows 10 OS or later with (PowerShell 5.1) or later versions after downloading the update from the links (32-bit and 64-bit).

You also need to install (Microsoft.Powershell.Security) and (DISM) modules, and run them with system administrator privileges.

The software giant recommends against using the update for live images because it can damage the Windows operating system running inside a virtual machine.

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