TikTok proposes an alliance to curb harmful content

TikTok proposes an alliance to curb harmful content

She said a company ByteDance Today Tuesday: In Tik Tok suggest A global coalition of social media companies to identify and remove harmful content early as networking applications face a barrage of criticism on issues ranging from wrong information to data privacy.

The app, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, which has been at the center of a political battle between Washington and Beijing, said it had sent messages to nine companies for a memorandum of understanding on harmful content.

The letters propose a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that would encourage companies to warn each other about harmful and violent content.

The short video application said: The individual content review efforts from each platform could progress through a formal and cooperative approach, without mentioning the companies it communicated with, but indicated that it suggested a meeting between companies to discuss the matter.

Social media platforms have recently faced a challenge by spreading explicit suicidal content, and TikTok has worked to limit its spread by removing the original content, and reducing its display or sharing.

TikTok believes that individual efforts to protect users will be greatly enhanced by a formal, collaborative approach to identification and early warning among industry participants about violent content.

The app, a relatively newcomer to the social media scene, has had fewer cases of public trouble with content moderation scandals that have engulfed larger and more established competitors, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Separately, TikTok said today, Tuesday, that it removed more than 104 million videos from its platform worldwide in the first half of the year for violating its terms of service.

Tik Tok said in His report For transparency for the first six months of 2020: We found and removed 96.4 percent of these videos before the user reported them, and 90.3 percent of them removed before receiving any views.

The app said it received 1,768 requests for user data, of which 290, or 16.4 percent, were from US law enforcement agencies.

ByteDance is racing against time to avoid a crackdown on TikTok after a dispute with the US government, and US officials have expressed concern over the transfer of personal data of up to 100 million Americans using the app to the Chinese Communist Party government.

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