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Tik Tok tests feeds of custom topics

Are testing platform TikTok is now a new Discover page in the app, so it organizes videos into categories, instead of just showing current trends, as before.

These categories represent many areas of interest across TikTok, such as games, beauty, dance, television, movies, sports, family, learning, and much more.

When you click on any particular category, you will be taken to a feed containing the most popular content in the community.

Feeds are influenced by factors such as relevance, timeliness, and interest, and can help users find new content and content makers outside of what the For You custom page offers.

TikTok confirmed that the test had been rolled out in the United States over the past few weeks.

And theAre testing The platform currently has e-commerce shopping features, and some brands, such as: Hype and Walmart, have been granted a new Shopping tab within their TikTok account.

Users can shop, add products to their cart, and then pay for the products without leaving the app.

Walmart enabled its tab during its live broadcast event in December, and it has been around ever since.

The integration is less professional than Instagram stores, as there is no original or global shopping cart or integrated payment mechanism, and instead, users visit the retailer’s website directly.

However, the advancements made by TikTok are paying off in terms of capturing the user base of the generation behind the millennials.

And according to For data eMarketer, more millennials in the US are now using TikTok than Instagram, Tik Tok has 37.3 million monthly active users compared to 33.3 million Instagram users.

The company expects TikTok to overtake Instagram by 2023 in terms of total US users as well.

TikTok’s global ambitions are affected by its ban in India, as well as the possibility that content creators will find more monetization opportunities through other platforms.

A few days ago, YouTube announced $ 100 million in funding for Shorts’s top content creators, and said: It is soon testing Shorts.

This can help content creators earn profits from Shorts, while also converting regular viewers into subscribers as there are greater opportunities for monetization.

Snapchat and Instagram are also luring content creators with money.

And if content creators discover that they can make more money elsewhere, they can divert some of their attention away from TikTok, regardless of how many new creative features it adds.

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