Tik Tok reveals the secret of the horrific suicide video that spread to it

Tik Tok reveals the secret of the horrific suicide video that spread to it

She said a company TikTok for British MPs: The video clip that filmed a suicide case and spread to its service in early September was “the result of a coordinated attack from the dark web.”

And he said (Theo Bertram) – TikTok’s European Director of Public Policy – is presenting evidence to the Public Committee for Digitization, Culture, Media and Sports: The video – which was broadcast live on Facebook – was used in a “coordinated attack” on the video-sharing app a week after it was recorded.

“We learned that groups operating in the dark web have made plans to raid social media platforms, including TikTok, in order to spread the video over the Internet,” Bertram said.

He added: “What we saw was a group of users who were repeatedly trying to upload the video to our platform, split it, edit it and cut it in different ways.” He continued, “I don’t want to say much publicly in this forum about how we discovered and managed that, but our emergency machine learning services intervened, and discovered the videos.”

The death was widely shared on the site, with prominent users then sharing tips on how to spot and avoid the video before it plays automatically.

With a gap of a week between the occurrence of suicide and the attack on TikTok, which prompted the company to propose a “global alliance” to help protect users from such harmful content.

“Last night, we wrote to the CEOs of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit,” Bertram said. And what we’re suggesting is in the same way that these companies actually work together in terms of [بصور الاعتداء الجنسي على الأطفال] With content related to terrorism, we must now create a partnership on dealing with this type of content.

This partnership may allow; For example, for Facebook to share the technical details of the offending video so Tik Tok can prevent it from being uploaded in the first place. This also eases the burden on the supervision team for smaller companies.

Bertram also asked MPs to help streamline this process, by asking Apple and Google to incorporate stronger age restrictions in their app stores.

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