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Tik Tok provides tips to achieve more excellence

Launched platform TikTok is a new series of two-part advice for content makers and brands looking to maximize their content and improve audience response across the platform.

These tips are a great help for brands trying to get back on their feet.

As part of an ongoing initiative to help small businesses take the creativity they share via TikTok, we are excited to announce Behind The Camera, a series of easy-to-follow educational videos that show companies how to take the TikTok experience to the next level, said TikTok. Through the latest creative trends and technologies.

TikTok breaks down the first set of notes into key pointers and more in-depth tutorial videos, looking at a range of camera tricks and presentations you can use in the recording process.

In terms of the basics, Tik Tok recommends:

  • Keep it simple: Brands should take care not to complicate their messaging, especially by trying to fit too much in one clip.
  • Portrait: Brands should look to take advantage of the full screen experience by shooting in portrait rather than landscape format.
  • Good lighting Good lighting is key to enhancing content, and you don’t necessarily need professional preparation, or even circular lighting, in order to achieve a good effect, and you can rely on lamp light or sun reflection to get great effect, while you should also be aware of how shadows can affect In the landscape.
  • Focus on the topic: TikTok advises content creators that they should always keep the lens focused on where they want the audience to pay attention, as this helps prevent blurring or losing something important in dim lighting.
  • Use of Effects and Text: Creating and feeling original content within TikTok is essential to increase responsiveness and engagement across the platform. TikTok recommends that content creators look to use existing creative tools for this purpose.
  • Enjoyment: TikTok advises that creating content on the platform should be an enjoyable and positive experience both while creating it and when the audience is viewing it.

And in the department Instructional videoThe platform provides a collection of clips looking at how to implement various creative display techniques, including 360-degree videos, camera projection, floating effect, and seamless transitions.

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