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Theta Z1 51GB captures 360-degree content

Ricoh has been making imaging devices for several years, and it has Revealed It unveiled its latest project called Theta Z1 51GB.

Theta Z1 51GB is the latest model to be added to the Ricoh family of advanced angle cameras 360 degrees.

Ricoh, which can capture high-resolution spherical photos in a single shot, has boosted Ricoh by increasing its internal storage capacity from 19GB to 51GB and supporting 23MP for 360-degree still photos.

The camera has a very high storage capacity because it can capture 360-degree spherical images in a single shot, and the images tend to be of large file sizes, so the camera needs a large storage space.

Theta Z1 51GB has a native resolution of 23 megapixels or 6720 x 3360 pixels, and is specifically designed to capture still images, and is the best model in the Theta series of cameras.

Ricoh launched its first 360-degree consumer camera in 2013, and has worked to stay at the forefront of this emerging technology as it continues to evolve.

The company says: The camera is a tool for many industries, including virtual reality, social media platforms, business, real estate, and others.

With the need to balance health safety practices with economic activities, the use of 360-degree content is expected to expand into new areas, such as: remote real estate viewing and monitoring progress on construction sites.

Theta Z1 51GB features the highest resolution and picture quality of any Theta series camera manufactured to date.

It features a compact body with a 1.0-inch backlit CMOS sensor with a range of shooting modes.

The camera supports high-quality images in any shooting conditions, and also supports 4K 360-degree video at 30 frames per second using three rotating stabilization axes to compensate for the rotational camera shake.

The multi-level aperture mechanism allows users to set the focal number at one of the three lens levels, F / 2.1, F / 3.5 and F / 5.6.

The high-performance image processing algorithm achieves images of low, high sensitivity, low noise, and high resolution.

Dynamic range exposure is performed automatically for normal shooting, effectively reducing flare and black shadows in contrasting brightness outdoors.

Theta Z1 51GB also features a 0.93-inch OLED display and a function button across the main body of the camera.

The screen displays information at a glance, including the number of remaining images, exposure settings, and more.

The camera supports JPEG, DNG and RAW formats and uses an Android-based operating system.

Given that the camera is powered by Android, many additional add-ons can be installed directly via the camera.

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