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The Xbox Series X mini fridge becomes a reality

promise (Aaron Greenberg) Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Microsoft Studios Marketing Group and Head of Global Product Marketing for Xbox Games and Xbox Entertainment Studios, will produce the Xbox Series X mini fridge if it wins a company Microsoft is competing with a brand via Twitter.

And it looks like that promise was enough to give Xbox the preference, because Xbox has Defeated Skittles received 50.5 percent of the vote.

And accordingly, Microsoft appears to be heading to deliver on its promise, Greenberg said via Tweet Just minutes after the poll results come out: We go ahead with our promise of making three Xbox Series X minifigures.

“Skittles gets the first Xbox Series X mini fridge,” he added. “The minibar promise isn’t April Fools, nor is it a scam to get support in the competition.”

In the wake of Xbox’s victory, Microsoft plans to put refrigerators into production sometime this year, and Greenberg did not specify how many fridges the company will manufacture, or when you can buy one, or even if you can buy one for yourself.

Skittles had pledged if it wins the contest to bring back the lemon flavor, and the candy brand has assured fans that the promise is not an April Fool and is not a trick to boost support within the competition.

The move helps Microsoft to draw attention to the platform and alienate some buyers from the PlayStation 5 platform.

Microsoft previously made the Xbox Series X refrigerator To assure users that its gaming console is actually smaller than a refrigerator.

This came after the Xbox Series X’s rectangular box shape was likened to the refrigerator, and many comic pictures appeared that mocked the platform’s shape, making Microsoft adopt this idea to comically assure everyone that the analogy is wrong.

The refrigerator is a 1: 1 replica of the Xbox Series X, measuring more than 180cm in length and weighing 180kg.

It also includes the illuminated Xbox logo on the front, the Xbox Series X boot sound goes out when the drive bay is used to open the refrigerator door, and it glows green on the inside.

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