The US government will not force TikTok to close after the court ruling

The US government will not force TikTok to close after the court ruling

The US Commerce Department said it would not implement an order that would compel the video-sharing platform (TikTok). TikTok To close, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Wall Street Journal Thursday.

The government cited an injunction from a Pennsylvania federal judge, issued last month, writing that the Commerce Department likely exceeded its authority when it tried to block transactions on the platform.

The government has expressed concerns about national security, as TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

And according to For an unpublished base from the Ministry of Commerce, The agency complies with the terms of the judge’s ruling, so her ban on dealings with TikTok will not go into effect, pending further legal developments.

David Sheppardson of the Reuters news agency says: This is not the first time that the Commerce Department has confirmed that it will comply. I issued a statement on November 1 Also. At the time, she also said, “It intends to vigorously defend the Executive Order from legal challenges.

“The short videos being created and exchanged on TikTok are informative and informative, and are similar to films, artwork, photographs and news feeds expressly protected under the (International Economic Emergency Powers Act),” Judge Wendy Pittleston said in her ruling.

A separate section of the Commerce Department restrictions, which were to block new downloads of the app starting September 27, have been suspended as part of a different lawsuit.

The US government’s Foreign Investment Commission has set a deadline of November 12 for TikTok to strip itself of “any tangible or intangible assets or property, wherever found, that are used to enable or support the operation (byteDance) of the TikTok app. United State”.

ByteDance agreed to sell part of its US business in a deal that includes Walmart and Oracle, which President Trump agreed to in September. But the deal was not approved by the Chinese government, and earlier this week, TikTok sought to review the Trump administration’s procedures, saying it had not heard anything new for several weeks.

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