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The upcoming Nintendo Switch includes a new Nvidia chip

Plans a company Nintendo to adopt a chip a company Upgraded Nvidia with better graphics and processing for the new Nintendo Switch model planned for the end-of-year shopping season, according to To report From Bloomberg.

The new Nintendo Switch prototype supports Nvidia’s super deep learning sampling. Or DLSS, a new display technology that uses artificial intelligence to render HD graphics more efficiently.

This allows the platform, which should have an OLED display, to reproduce game images in 4K quality when connected to a TV.

The US company’s new chipset also provides a better CPU and increased memory.

DLSS support requires new code to be added to the games, so it is mainly used to improve graphics in upcoming games.

And Bloomberg News previously reported that the new device will likely include a 7-inch OLED screen from Samsung Display.

The Nintendo Switch Games release calendar was mostly empty for the latter half of the year, although the company announced a new partnership with Niantic. Augmented reality smartphone apps, slated to start with Pikmin in 2021.

Analysts expect that the new Nintendo Switch will be offered at a price higher than the current model price of $ 299, a level that has not changed since the device’s initial release in 2017, and the increase may reach 100.

DLSS was first introduced as an image upgrade feature in 2018 and is still exclusive to NVIDIA graphics cards, leveraging neural networks to reconstruct game visuals in real time with higher quality.

Different versions of the technology depended differently on Tensor cores for the GPU and AI training for specific games, but the result is that you can display a game with less conventional resolution and get much higher outputs with fewer performance issues.

DLSS represents the addition of unusually advanced technology for the Kyoto-based company, Nintendo, which tends to choose more mature and less expensive technology than competitors Sony and Microsoft with their platforms.

And the new Nintendo Switch still lags the overall performance capabilities of its more expensive competitors.

“What we value is how much new technology contributes to the fun experience, and how comfortable a consumer can feel while playing,” Ko Shiota, Nintendo’s chief executive officer, said last year.

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