The UAE ranks the fastest in the world at 5G speeds

The UAE ranks the fastest in the world at 5G speeds

5G network speeds are in UAE Currently the fastest in the world, according to new research by service vpnMentor To rank VPN networks in the world.

And according to For research Speedtest field, the network speed of 959.39 Mbps in the United Arab Emirates places it at the top of the global list, ahead of Saudi Arabia 921.11 Mbps and Norway 865.57 Mbps.

The report said: Higher speeds indicate mature technology and better infrastructure, and while not every user in the country can enjoy top speed, their availability indicates the network’s potential in future deployments.

Currently, 5G networks for mobile devices are being rolled out all over the world, promising download and upload speeds 10 to 100 times faster than current 4G networks.

The report said: The deployment of 5G networks has been dominated by the Gulf states in the Middle East.

Regionally, the higher average speed can be found in Saudi Arabia of 959.39 Mbps, which also offers the cheapest 5G packages at $ 15.30, while Kuwait has the best coverage.

However, the research said that while speeds were important, they would not be suitable for most users without regional coverage.

For example, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has only 69 regional nodes, of which 18 are within Makkah and the capital, Riyadh, while most of the Kingdom remains uncovered and 4G networks must be used.

The speed of 5G networks is exciting for users, especially gamers, who need much higher speeds in order to use their mobile devices in games and competitions effectively.

However, 5G networks also have many commercial, industrial and sectoral applications that will be beneficial to society at large.

The manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, and IoT industries are benefiting from 5G technology, and healthcare is witnessing, In particular, advances in telemedicine, remote patient recovery and care.

Some suggest remote microsurgery in the near future, all thanks to the high speeds provided by the fifth generation networks.

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