The Samsung 870 Evo SSD offers faster speeds and lower prices

The Samsung 870 Evo SSD offers faster speeds and lower prices

Announced a company Samsung on the release of the 870 Evo SSD, the company’s latest SATA solution in its best-selling consumer SSD series.

The new drive combines best-in-class performance and reliability, making it an ideal storage solution for a wide range of consumers from casual computer users to IT professionals.

“The new disk represents the culmination of our SATA SSD line and delivers a compelling combination of performance, reliability and compatibility for laptop and desktop users, as well as users of NAS,” said KyuYoung Lee, General Manager, Samsung Electronics.

The 870 Evo SSD features the company’s latest V-NAND and controller, allowing it to reach maximum sequential read and write speeds via SATA of 560 and 530MB per second, respectively.

Using a large SLC variable buffer, intelligent drive TurboWrite technology helps maintain peak performance levels.

The new disc also provides a roughly 38 percent improvement in random read speed over the previous model, the 870 Evo SSD. This enables enhanced user experiences when multitasking, surfing the web, or booting computers.

By harnessing its expertise in storage technologies, Samsung has engineered all SSD components internally to ensure that every part works together coherently.

The 870 Evo SSD delivers a nearly 30 percent improvement in sustainable performance over the previous 870 Evo SSD, plus a class-leading terabyte rating, with a 5-year limited warranty for the 4 TB model.

In addition to exceptional performance and reliability, the new drive provides broad compatibility with multiple computing devices thanks to the 2.5-inch SATA interface.

Moreover, with its energy-efficient sleep mode, the 870 Evo SSD is compatible with devices that support the modern standby function of Windows. This provides additional convenience for computer users.

The new 870 EVO is also designed with the environment in mind, by reducing the carbon footprint throughout the entire production process, and the tweak broadens consumer choice for greener products.

The new disk is available starting from January 2021, with a capacity of 250 GB at $ 50, 500 GB at $ 80, 1 TB at $ 140, 2 TB at $ 270, and 4 TB at $ 530.

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