The S9 … a Silk EV and FAW super electric car

The S9 … a Silk EV and FAW super electric car

Announced Silk EV and FAW have launched a joint venture to develop a series of new ultra-luxury and high-performance sports vehicles for the Chinese and global markets.

The new Italian startup, Silk EV, isn’t just another attempt at making Electric car Just a breakthrough, it is the latest arrow in the quiver of China’s massive Belt and Road project.

She said Silk EV: It is co-developing a super luxury supercar called the S9 in the home region of Lamborghini and Ferrari with the Chinese state-owned automaker FAW.

The S9 is supposed to be part of the Chinese automaker’s Hongqi brand, which means red flag, and was previously manufactured exclusively for high-ranking Chinese government officials before becoming widely available.

The two companies have not released any specifications for the S9, or any pictures, just a teaser.

In a press release, Silk EV said: The vehicles it builds with FAW combine a dynamic, sustainable and exclusive driving experience with the use of the latest technology and innovation, to bring the next generation of luxury cars to China and the world.

The launch of the joint venture comes after Silk EV and FAW announced in May 2020 their plans to merge the best capabilities of China and Italy in a partnership that combines advanced automobiles, artificial intelligence, connectivity, innovative battery solutions and the Internet of Things with Italy’s world-class design and engineering expertise.

Among the few things that have been announced is that the car was designed by Walter de Silva, who designed the Alfa Romeo, Audi and Lamborghini cars, and headed the design for the Volkswagen Group in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

China’s top EV startup has always aimed to expand outside the country, even though only one company – XPeng – kept that promise after it began deliveries to Europe in December.

Larger and more established automakers kept their focus on exploiting the huge opportunity of consumer electric cars in China, especially after the government began favoring clean energy cars a few years ago.

While Italy is a logical target market for the manufacture and sale of the supercar, it is also a logical political partner for a project like this, as it was the first country in the G7 to endorse the Belt and Road Initiative.

“The joint venture with Silk EV marks a milestone under the Belt and Road Initiative of China, Italy and the global auto industry,” (Xu Liuping), Chairman and Party Secretary of FAW, said in a press release.

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