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The richest man in the world sold $ 5 billion of Amazon shares

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Jeff Bezos – the world’s richest man – this week sold nearly $ 5 billion in shares a company Amazon, according to Files Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Amazon CEO sold about 1.5 million shares at an average price of about $ 3,350 between Monday and ThursdayAs the deposits show.

And theThe sell-offs were made as part of a pre-prepared trading plan, It means that the total shares of the world’s richest man in Amazon have declined From 53.2 million to 51.7 million shares.

The sales come one week after Amazon announced its first-quarter earnings results, beating Wall Street expectations as its business continues to recover due to the spread of the epidemic in e-commerce activity.

The world’s richest man has accelerated his stock sales in recent years, having previously sold nearly $ 4.1 billion worth of shares in February.

Bezos also sold more than $ 3 billion of Amazon shares last November, while last year he sold more than $ 9 billion of Amazon shares in total.

The Amazon founder said: About $ 1 billion of that amount goes to his growing blue Origin missile startup every year. It announced a few days ago that it was launching its first astronaut crew into space this summer.

The world’s richest man has also allocated additional capital to the Day One Fund, the organization it launched in September 2018 to provide education in low-income communities and combat homelessness.

And last November, the fund provided $ 98.5 million in grants to 32 groups.

These initiatives are expected to become even more of a focus for Bezos once he steps down in the third quarter from his position at Amazon.

The world’s richest man hands the helm of leadership to Andy Gacy, chief executive of the AWS unit, to take over the position of CEO on the Amazon Board of Directors.

Bezos is currently ranked first in the list of the world’s richest people, with an estimated wealth of $ 192 billion, and he still owns more than 10 percent of Amazon, or about 51.7 million shares, which is the main source of his wealth.

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