The Recorder app on Pixel phones now enables audio editing

The Recorder app on Pixel phones now enables audio editing

The Google Recorder application on Pixel phones now enables audio editing

Announced Google Inc. Today, its voice recorder, which is available on Google Pixel 2 phones and later, now supports the audio editing feature, and this feature will be appreciated by people who use their phones to record interviews and conversations, by selecting an audio excerpt from a recorded clip, which you can then Either share it or remove it from the complete audio file.

In addition, you can search for specific words in the recorded audio copy, and remove them immediately, and this is really cool, when the topic is frequently repeated words, and most importantly of all, Google indicated that these features can work with it without the need to connect to the Internet, completely As with the direct transcription feature for English.

On Pixel phones, Recorder lets you edit audio

Finally, this support for Recorder is currently available at Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 phonesIt is unclear whether we will see it on older pixels or not, however, we expect to hear more about expanding support for it during the next phase.


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