The Ninebot S Max .. the new electric scooter from Segway

The Ninebot S Max .. the new electric scooter from Segway

I opened a company Segway – owned by Ninebot – orders North America for a new version of Scooter Self-balancing electrode Ninebot S Max, To begin delivery In April.

And unlike the traditional Bird and Lime series electric scooters, the Ninebot S Max uses a parallel wheel design.

The previous version of the scooter introduced by Ninebot included a center brace that reached a short distance from the knees of the passenger, who must press the brace with his leg to control steering.

The new Ninebot S Max can be operated this way, but it also includes an extendable shaft that houses a steering wheel.

The steering wheel does not actually rotate, but appears to have a left and right tilt like a joystick or steering wheel.

The new design will likely improve comfort and stability by allowing occupants to hold hands, too.

The steering wheel also includes an integrated display that allows the passenger to monitor the device’s speed in real time.

Functionally, the Ninebot S Max looks more like the classic Segway self-balancing machine, but it comes at a price $ 850, which makes it significantly less expensive than previous Segway hardware.

The electric scooter weighs 22.7 kg and has two 2,400 watt motors, with a top speed 20 kilometers per hour, while the 432-watt battery provides a range of 38 kilometers on a single charge.

This power is needed for quick corrections back and forth to maintain balance and also provides inclined climbing capabilities for the self-balancing scooter.

The passenger can use the device hands-free by removing the steering wheel attachment and using his knee instead for steering control.

Ninebot S Max may also be incorporated into a supplement Ninebot Gokart Famous, converting the scooter into a small racing car with a top speed of 37 km per hour, but the range decreased to 25 km.

Ninebot was previously shown Ninebot Gokart PRO For about $ 2,000, users can add the Ninebot S Max to the company’s Gokart range and achieve the same overall performance for $ 1,700.

Indiegogo has become a popular platform to launch new personal electric vehicles, and Segway has used the platform several times over the past few years for everything from electric dirt bikes to regular electric bikes.

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