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The New York Times sold one of its columns as NFT

I entered The New York Times in a game NFT, Where it converted one of its columns to a non-exchangeable symbol NFT.

And theSold out The newspaper has the opportunity to own the first article in the paper’s nearly 170-year history as a NFT, for 350 Ethereum (roughly $ 560,000).

And while the New York Times isn’t the first brand or even the first news organization to sell a digital icon, it has certainly been one of its most successful brands.

The auction for NFT was announced in a column by Kevin Roose, who serves as an explanation of NFT and as a sales pitch of why someone should purchase the article.

And like other branded NFT, the newspaper added some extras to boost the deal, as there is a PNG from the article that NFT refers to.

A congratulatory audio note is also sent to the buyer from the daily podcast host and featured in a follow-up article about selling NFT with his name, affiliation and photo of his choice. Buyers also have the option to remain anonymous.

As with many of NFT’s branded sales, the proceeds from the sale go to charity (specifically the Neediest Cases Fund, which supports social causes in New York and elsewhere).

The New York Times is the latest news organization to explore the use of NFT, which is similar to digital certificates or marks associated with a piece of art or creative work.

The data is kept as a token across the blockchain, with the idea that the tokens are unique and rare.

Time magazine entered the field a few days ago by offering to sell three of the covers of its publications, and the offer has now reached 31 Ethereum, while Quartz sold its first news article as an NFT for one piece of Ethereum.

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