The new Chromecast comes with Google TV

The new Chromecast comes with Google TV

Announced a company Google officially during the “Launch Night In” event for the new Chromecast device The company is reviving Google TV as an interface that works with the Android TV operating system that runs the new Chromecast device.

The new Chromecast device carries onlyOfficial CM (Chromecast with Google TV), and it comes With the most in-demand feature since the first Chromecast arrived on the market before Seven years, represented by a remote control.

It costs a device (Chromecast) with (Google TV) About $ 49.99,It comes in three colors: gray, pink, and blue, and it is available To order Initial in a few countries, such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The new device has almost all the capabilities of (Chromecast Ultra), as it supports (4K HDR) at up to 60 frames per second and (Dolby Vision).

The device attaches to the back of the TV rather than being a small box underneath, and it still supports all of the same transmission functions.

In the presence of (Google TV) with (Android TV), the device has its own interface on the screen that you can navigate using the remote control.

He comes The remote control is relatively small and uses infrared and bluetooth, and contains the power button and volume buttons to control the TV and audio system.

The remote control also has an input button, which means you don’t need to access another remote control to switch to (Chromecast).

There is another button on the remote control for the Netflix platform, and Google refused to reveal any details about the negotiations that led to the existence of this button, which is located next to the YouTube button, and there is also a Google Assistant button.

As for the supported content, Google says: The live TV providers will have equal access to the Live broadcast tab via the API itself, but the device does not appear to support (Apple TV) yet.

The Google Assistant is an essential part of the product, as users can ask questions to the assistant by pressing the button on the remote control, search for content, control their smart home devices, or pull feeds from Nest cameras.

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