The Netherlands confirms that Trump’s Twitter account was hacked

The Netherlands confirms that Trump’s Twitter account was hacked

Dutch prosecutors confirmed that the (Donald Trump) account was included platform Twitter was hacked in October, despite Washington and company denials.

Dutch prosecutors said: The ethical hacker will not face charges.

Dutch media reports stated that the hacker, named (Victor Jeffers) Victor Gevers, Hacked realDonaldTrump’s Trump account on October 16th by guessing the US President’s password.

Both the White House and Twitter strongly denied reports of the account hacked in October. The platform said: She does not see any evidence to support this claim.

A Twitter spokesman said, in response to the Dutch Attorney General’s new conclusion: Our original statement is still valid and we have nothing else to share.

Jeffers revealed the hack, saying, “The password he guessed is maga2020!”, Referring to Trump’s slogan “Let’s make America great again.”

The Dutch attorney general’s office said: We believe that the hacker did indeed hack into Trump’s Twitter account, but he fulfilled the criteria that had been developed in case law to become an ethical hacker.

He added that piracy is a criminal offense in the Netherlands. But he said: The special circumstances, also referred to in practice as responsible disclosure, can prevent plaintiffs from taking steps.

Dutch prosecutors arrived at their findings based on an investigation by a specialized internet police unit, known as the High Tech Crime Team.

Prosecutors said: The infiltrator and US authorities have been informed of the results of the investigation.

When news of the breach first surfaced, Jeffers told De Volkskrant: The ease of access to Trump’s account indicated that the president had not used basic security measures, such as two-factor authentication.

He added to the Dutch newspaper: I expected to be repelled after four failed attempts, or at least I am asked to provide additional information.

Jeffers told the newspaper: he tried to alert the US authorities, and the intelligence service called him, who thanked him for drawing their attention to the security breach.

And it wasn’t the first time that Jeffers had access to the president’s Twitter account, as in 2016 he and two others guessed Trump’s password, which at the time was yourefired, a catchphrase from the TV show The Apprentice.

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