The name iPhone 12 Mini appears again in the leaked images

The name iPhone 12 Mini appears again in the leaked images

With the upcoming mid-October iPhone 12 unveiling nearing, we’ve managed to compose a completely detailed picture of what to expect from Apple – including that. Tip we got About iPhone 12 Mini model few days ago.

Now we have a new leak indicating that the name (Mini) is coming to the iPhone 12 range, where the image of the status stickers posted on Twitter By user (DuanRui) the name of the iPhone 12 Mini is on the smallest version, which comes in at 5.4 inches.

None of these iPhone 12 Mini leaks come from known sources, but this rumor is starting to gain some traction as the official launch approaches.

What makes the leak plausible is that Apple already has an iPad Mini and Mac Mini already, so it won’t be the first time the name has been used. This name may help users distinguish between the four iPhone 12 models that we think we’ll see next month.

Based on everything we’ve heard so far, along with the iPhone 12 Mini that’s expected to come in at 5.4 inches, we’re also expecting two 6.1-inch models.

One of the differences between the 6.1-inch models will be the camera setup, with the powerful addition of optics and a LiDAR sensor to improve depth sensing, and augmented reality apps (such as the iPad Pros) in the Pro model.

The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the best in the expected iPhone lineup, as it will be the largest and most capable of the four models, and all phones are expected to work with the same A14 Bionic chipset, so performance should be similar in all phones.

It seems that the leaks confirm everything we have heard about the upcoming Apple phones for several months, especially the small iPhone 12 mini, which proved to be very popular, as it attracted a lot of excitement to readers in the period leading up to the launch of the iPhone series.

Apple has not officially announced the launch date of its phones, but in the past few days, three separate reports have installed an Apple event on October 13, with the upcoming phones available on October 16 for ordering, and it will start Shipping The following week.

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