The Model S automatically switches between stop, reverse and drive

The Model S automatically switches between stop, reverse and drive

Includes a redesigned Model S from the a company Tesla has an unconventional feature in the possibility of automatic switching between parking, reverse and drive or PRND, where there is an option to change driving modes via the touch screen.

Mask said across Tweet: Auto guesses drive the direction based on the obstacles you see, the context and the navigation map, and after you’ve driven without using a PRND stick for a few days it becomes very annoying to go back and use the transmission and you can bypass it via the touch screen.

And expanding document Tesla inserts a little bit about what Mask means by speculation, where she says: The Model S uses robotic pilot sensors to intelligently and automatically identify and select intended driving modes.

She adds: If the front of the car is facing the garage wall, it detects this, and automatically switches to reverse after the driver presses the brake pedal, this eliminates another step for drivers.

The general idea behind the decision fits with Tesla’s tech spirit of eliminating unnecessary extra steps.

The consequences of trying to automate PRND will not be apparent until people start receiving shipments of this new vehicle, which should happen within weeks.

Automakers have tampered with the shape and location of drive mode selectors for years, enabled by the advent of automatic transmission and the ability to change modes via software.

Many companies ditched the classic steering wheel shank in favor of a handle via the dashboard, center console, or separate physical buttons.

Other companies tried to mix hardware and software, but it was unsuccessful, as Fiat Chrysler had to recall over a million Jeeps, Dodges, and Chryslers because the front – which included an arm and a button that always returns to the center – caused enough confusion that some people had They were run over by their cars.

The removal of the PRND wand that appeared on the Model S is part of a broader overhaul of that vehicle’s interior, but it is not alone in sparking a debate about safety.

Tesla ditched the circular steering wheel in favor of a U-wheel, a decision that attracted the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal auto safety regulator.

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