The LG Rollable is a real phone

The LG Rollable is a real phone

Revealed a company LG unveiled the world’s first foldable smartphone, the LG Rollable, at CES 2021, the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology exhibition.

This allows the South Korean company to lead the competition in the shape of the next screen in the mobile market, following the success of Samsung’s foldable smartphones.

And LG released a five-second teaser, featuring a smartphone with a rollable screen that can expand, and the company said: The product will be launched later this year.

And theHe said (Ken Hong) Ken Hong, LG spokesman: Our management wanted to show that it is a real product, as there have been many rumors about the rollable phone, and given its release at CES 2021, I can say: It will be launched this year.

The LG Rollable includes what the company calls the unique resizable screen that stretches to turn into a tablet screen instead of a smartphone screen, and the expansion and contraction process helps to provide more screen space.

It was reported that LG is working with the Chinese BOE Technology Group to produce the rollable screen, and LG has not yet confirmed the display technology that the LG Rollable uses, or any details about the different display sizes.

LG began working on the LG Rollable phone as part of the company’s Explorer Project experiences, and the company used this project to launch its LG Wing smartphone, with a rotating design and two OLED screens.

The rollable screen is based on flexible OLED technology, and BOE has supplied Huawei smartphones with OLED screens, and began providing a small amount of these screens to Apple for iPhone devices since late last year.

It is assumed that BOE Technology Group is happy to cooperate with LG because it needs more smartphone customers to accommodate the OLED capacity that Huawei no longer consumes due to US sanctions against the Chinese company.

The LG rollable screen comes at a time when the company’s smartphone business is struggling to make money due to intense competition with market leaders such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple.

LG’s mobile division reported an operating loss of $ 135 million in the third quarter of 202.

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