The highly anticipated iPhone 12 is coming on October 13th

The highly anticipated iPhone 12 is coming on October 13th

A new report from (AppleInsider) That Apple will announce the iPhone 12 on October 13, and urgent or pre-orders will start on October 16.

According to the report: Apple is expected to hold a second special event in the near future, but it is unclear when it will take place. Pre-orders begin the following Friday which will be on October 16th.

As AI notes, there is no concrete evidence to support this date, however, a rumor reported in August of John Prosser A time frame very similar to this one.

It is believed that the iPhone 12 event will be held in the week beginning on October 12th, urgent ordering of the iPhone 12 will be available in the same week and shipping will start from October 19 or so.

While John Prosser says that all iPhones may be revealed at the event, urgent order and shipping will take place in November, without specifying a specific date.

The artificial intelligence report does not distinguish between the timing of urgent orders for iPhone 12 Pro models, so it is not clear whether these leaks indicate urgent demand for the iPhone 12 only, or it will be for the entire series.

It is worth noting that UK carrier EE told its employees that Apple’s iPhone 5G is days away from appearing in a presentation in which Eddy Cue appears.

The iPhone 12 series did not appear at the Apple event that was held for a while, and this is what we expected, and some followers were holding their breath for the sudden detection of the upcoming iPhone series, but the situation now indicates that we will see the upcoming phone series from Apple in October.

But can new products revealed at a recent Apple event tell us something about Apple’s upcoming phone? Yes, there are a lot of new features and some interesting changes in the devices that can give us some indications, as we have come up with a list of 6 predictions about the upcoming iPhone based on what we have learned about the new iPads, Apple watches, and the new subscription to services. Learn about it here.

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